Martina Melilli presenta Il quarto giorno di scuola, 2015

Martina Melilli presents The Fourth day of School, 2015

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Caterina today is Martina Melilli with The Fourth day of School, 2015

For this Caterina issue we invited Martina Melilli, artist and filmmaker winner of ArteVisione 2017.

A boy tells about his fourth day of school, in a new country, after arriving from Africa. He’s supposed to be Italian, but in someway he is not. Without memory, the present continues chasing the past, in a circularity of History. The artist float in the ‘post-memory’ sea, letting her father speak out his own story that she re-tells choosing archival images, which serve the aim, allowing us to go beyond the individual experience, where the past of one person becomes the present of a nation in the time of massive migrations

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The Fourth day of School

The fourth day of school has been selected for:

World Premiére: IFFR 2016 - International Film Festival Rotterdam

  • DocuTiff 2016 – Tirana – official competition
  • Lago Film Fest XII
  • Faito Film Festival 2016 - official competition
  • Premio Libero Bizzarri 2016 – official competition
  • Milano Film Festival 2016 - competition
  • CineMigrante 2016 - Buenos Aires - Argentina
  • Oftálmica Muestra Internacional de Cine Independiente 2016 – Xalapa - Mexico


  • Premio Andrea Pazienza – 23^ Premio LIbero Bizzarri