Support Careof!


We ask you to take a part of Careof and take care of it. You can help us achieve a change in our projects and strategies through various forms of membership.

The card

Every year Careof commissions an artist who has been involved in the organisation’s activities to design a card which allwows you to be, promote, spread, love or share Careof.

2015, Ludovica Carbotta > take a look at the new card!

2014, Stefano Arienti > take a look at the first card!

To be [10 euro - 50 euro]
We offer a discounted entry to Cinema nights and discounts to the main contemporary art museums and fairs in Milan and the surrounding area. 

To promote [100 euro – 300 euro]
You will have the chance to attend a dinner with an artist 
If you’re an artist and would like to support us with a donation of 250 euros, you’ll have the chance to use on of our studios for a month to develop a research project. Your work will be promoted throught the Careof Stories section of our website and through public events.

To spread [500 euro - 1.000 euro]
We offer: 

  • a dinner for 2 with an artist or an artist’s multiple 

  • an educational workshop for two children 

  • personalised visit of an exhibition at Careof 
  • a reserved invitation to the gala dinner 

To love [1.500 euro – 2.000 euro]
We offer:

  • an educational workshop for a group of children 
  • our exhibition space (150 sq.m.) for an evening as a location for your event 
  • personalised visit of an exhibition at Careof 
  • a reserved invitation to the gala dinner 

To share [Adopt an artist! from 2.000 euro]
You will have the chance to follow an artist in residency for at least a month across the process of selection, residency, development, production! 
We offer:

  • a guided visit to one of the main contemporary art events 

  • a reserved invitation to the gala dinner 

Lavoriamo con voi! [da 3.000 euro]
We offer:

  • the opportunity to organise an event for your own clients and staff in our exhibition space
  • the opportunity to have your staff take part in a workshop led by an artist 

  • a guided visit to the exhibitions in our space 

  • 10% discount on expert advice for a private exhibition at your company 

  • 30% disocunt on an educational workshop for all employees children
  • your company’s logo will be added to the list of our supporters on our website, on all publications and on our annual association balance sheet