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Domenico Quaranta • Media, New Media, Postmedia • Booklaunch

ArtLine Milano

Domenico Quaranta, Tiziana Gemin, Cecilia Guida e Bertram Niessen

h 6pm

Over the last few decades, a complex body of work has been developed in a point of intersection between art, science and technology.
In the nineties, with the increasing accessibility of new technologies and the development of digital culture, this research exploded, conquering a critical mass of artists and giving life to festivals, specialized art centers and an intense publishing activity. The New Media Art is born.
But despite this expansion, it hasn't been able to conquer the world of contemporary art.
What is this separation of traditions due to?
Why does official art criticism find it hard to integrate New Media Art into its reading of the contemporary?
Why is the art market struggling to receive software, computers and networks as artistic means?
Why do many artists shy away from the label of New Media Art while others take refuge there exalting its distance from contemporary art? […]

The event is a part of PUBBLICA, a cycle of book presentations dedicated to the art in the public sphere, and it is also a collaboration between Careof and ArtLine Milano, the project of public art by Comune di Milano inside the CityLife park.

[Credits cover photo: Jon Rafman alla Zabludowicz Collection, London 2015. Installation view. Photo Thierry Bal, courtesy Zabludowicz Collection]


Domenico Quaranta, Media, New Media, Postmedia.
Postmedia Books, Milano
First Edition Postmedia Books 2010
202 pages
120 illustrated
isbn 9788874900558