What we do Workshop 2017

Where are you from? • 18° Premio Ricas


Edizioni Perpetua

Bencini Giulia, Bertoia Riccardo, Coletto Irene, Draghi Alessandra, Frisari Emanuela, Gnozzi Maria, Sabato Francesca, Scola Clara, Trubiano Glenda e Vaiani Brenda

22.05.2017 — 25.05.2017

The Ricas Award is supported by Rotary Club Milano Villoresi and Rotaract Milano Sforza

Premio Ricas is promoted by Rotary Club Milano Villoresi and Rotaract Milano Sforza with the aim of supporting and promote talents and creativity. Dedicated to the young under 26, collaborates with Careof in order to create moments of comparison, exchange and visibility, offering an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

The theme of this edition is focused on Milan and in particular on Chinatown, a milanese historical district because of its massive immigration from the Zhejian region since the first years of 1900 and also the place where Careof is based. Today it is in great transformation, but it has always been a theatre of exchange, passage, meeting and even tensions, Chinatown in the last century has seen the succession of activities related to silk, to leather up to the management of services like supermarkets, herbalists and internet points, becoming a point of reference for chinese citizens and place of fascination for italians.

Thus, on the wake of the last edition, the prize has offered to ten young under 26 the opportunity to partecipate in a three days workshop led by Lupo&Burtscher Studio, which was divided into an investigation on the district and a restitution through graphic drawings that have been printed in silkscreen with the technical support of Edizioni Perpetua.

Then there will be a video with an interview to Angelika and Daniele realized by the students of Liceo Artistico Caravaggio in Milan during the project Alternanza Scuola Lavoro:

Starting from the question Where are you from? The workshop wanted to analyze the different ways of relation between the district and the city, through the meeting and the story of people who live and work everyday in the district. The desire is to deepen the concept of district and the sense of belonging to a group in order to build possible maps that can draw new relational paths.
The partecipants have realized some documentation booklets both visual and textual of their own researches carried out in Chinatown district, tap to download and watch them!

Alessandra Draghi e Maria Gnozzi
Branda Vaiani ed Emanuela Frisari
Clara Scola e Giulia Bencini
Glenda Trubiano e Francesca Sabato
Irene Coletto e Riccardo Bertoia


Lupo & Burtscher is a studio design born in 2005 by Angelika Burtscher and Daniele Lupo.

The studio works mostly in the cultural sphere, in particular it develops concept, curatorial projects and realizes bidimensional and three-dimensional projects with an interdisciplinary approach. The projects range from to publications, to visual communication projects to design products, for interiors and for exhibitions. The works of the studio have been exhibited and published in various exhibitions and newspapers and have collected several international prizes and awards.
The collaboration between Angelika Burtscher and Daniele Lupo began in 2013 to inaugurate Lungomare, a non-profit experimentation space where, in collaboration with a group of curators, they realize projects characterized by a strong interdisciplinary connotation between design, architecture, urban planning, art and theory .


Edizioni Perpetua is a screen printing studio and an independent publishing house.

Born in Milan in 2013, it deals with prints in limited editions, art prints, posters, books, fanzines and t-shirts. The studio deals with collaborating and involving artists and illustrators in order to produce independent and limited-edition productions.
In addition to designing and creating editorial and artistic products, Edizioni Perpetua promotes illustrators, organizes exhibitions and organizes events dedicated to self-publishing and self-production.