What we do Workshop 2017

Sono una spia? (Am I a Spy?)

AUT, Warren Taylor e GISTO

MADA - Monash University Art Design & Architecture

4.10.2017 – 6.10.2017

Sono Una Spia? was a collaborative workshop involving AUT, Warren Taylor, Gisto and students of MADA (Monash Art Design and Architecture).
Guided by the themes of the Global Tools Collective and realised over three days at Careof in Milan, three projects emerged as a speculative extension of the digital self.

Many thanks to
Thomas Badge, Ruby Anderssen, Victoria Mangano, Georgia Towley, Kaye Simonson, Troy Mahler, Ashley, Audrey Chmielewski, Selena Repanis, Caitlyn Harris, James Meadowcroft, Indianna Shugg, Lakshan, Celeste Decis, Nicholas Love, Benjamin Dwyer, Isabella Toppi, Jaqueline Poon, Leitu Bonnici, Ivan Wang, Thomas Noonan, Alicia Simons, Simone Lay.

A special thanks to
Silvia Franceschini, Phoebe Windrige, Lucy Russel and Riccardo Cecchetti.