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Ludovica Carbotta • Book launch – The Shotgun, the Invisible Rail, and the Spectacled Tyrant

Conversation between Ludovica Carbotta and Martina Angelotti


Through the intersection of an artist book, an illustrated science fiction story and a glossary of sculptural objects, Ludovica Carbotta explores the concept of a site specific fiction through different media, authors and descriptive strategies: a site-oriented practice that considers imaginary or real places inside fictitious contexts, in order to recover the role of imagination in the process of a knowledge-building project.

Shotgun, Invisible Rail and the Spectacled Tyrant are the final chapter of a long-term project which began with the exhibition A Motorway is a very strong wind (Milano, Careof, 2014) that revolved around the ekphrasis tradition: an oral description of an artwork, real or imagined. In the first part of the book, the different descriptions, collected and embodied in the exhibition setting, re-appear as words, re-arranged by the artists in a completely new story. It’s just one of the many potential stories born by the different possibilities that the genre of science fiction makes possible. In the last pages, the book exposes a glossary of objects from the series Apart, We Are Together (2015), a direct derivation of the exhibition in 2014.
These reproductions, the drawings and all the detalied descriptions, written by the philosopher Federico Campagna, by the archaeologist Sandro Caranzano and by the psychologist Marzia Spagnolo, are presented as real functioning relics.

Texts by Martina Angelotti, Federico Campagna, Ludovica Carbotta, Sandro Caranzano, Marzia Spagnolo.


Editor: NERO Magazine
ISBN: 978-88-8056-021-0
Dimensions: 13 x 21 cm.
Pages: 128
Edition of 500 copies
Year 2017