What we do Workshop 2016

Leone Contini • Looking for food

Leone Contini

MADA - Monash University Art Design & Architecture

Ruby Hogenbirk, Bertha Putri, Mikaela Watt, Daniela Brozek, Jennifer Payne, Ellinor Pelz, Alexandra Ragg, Lukas Zenisek, Xiaohan Tong, Elijah Armato, Geoffery Low e Jacqui Riva

From 5.10.2016 to 7.10.2016

Careof consolidates its collaboration with MADA - Monash University Faculty of Art Design & Architecture, hosting twenty students from the prestigious institute in Melbourne (Australia). Together with the artistic duo A Constructed World there will be a workshop led by Leone Contini, an artist who investigates the relationship between art and food starting from an anthropological approach.

A Constructed World - the lecturers who accompanied the students of Monash University - asked Leone Contini to propose a reflection on integration, starting from the multicultural territory in which Careof's office is located: Paolo Sarpi, the Milanese chinatown. After an in-depth study of Leone's artistic research, the 20 workshop participants were divided into groups and had to relate to the local community, buying products with a limited budget, which went on to form the dinner shared among all at the FDV Residency Program.