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I will work for you for one hour, but someone else should pay for it • Book launch

Marco Scotini, Juan Sandoval, Cecilia Guida, Silvia Simoncelli, Emanuele De Donno, Martina Angelotti, Alessandro Nassiri e Beatrice Catanzaro

h 6.30pm

The book is edited by Juan Sandoval and Emanuele De Donno and collects all the texts by Cecilia Guida, Silvia Simoncelli, Temporary Services (Brett Bloom, Marc Fischer).

Artists in catalogue: Ayman Azraq, Beatrice Catanzaro, Haessen Chung, Leone Contini, Diego del Pozo, Roberto Fassone, Daniel Gil, Charlie Jeffery, Rosa Jijon, Lyn Lowenstein, Christians Luna, Cesare Pietroiusti, Raffaella Spagna.

Adrian Piper, Mythic Being: Look But Don’t Touch (posters from Montclair State College), 1975
poster, 17 x 11”, (43.1 x 27.9 cm)
Collection of the Adrian Piper Research Archive Foundation, Berlin. © APRA Foundation Berlin

The book I will work for you for one hour, but someone else should pay for it is an artist catalogue that documents the homonymus artistic project-exhibition that took place in an apartment in Turin during the contemporary art fair Artissima 2015.
The volume is divide in four primary sections: the exchange of “istructions” between artists to think, produce and set-up the artworks, the essays that analyze the projects but most of all the general theme “work and art” and the artist in the position of the worker, the exhibition with the showed artworks and the appendix with the anastatic images of historical documents of artistic “unionism” (Artists Union, Art Workers’ Coalition etc).
The texts are both the originals dedicated to the exhibition and the ones extracted and selected by critical “historical” writings that deepen the theme of the work and the theme of the project developed in the network of the international contemporary artistic practice. “I will work” deals with a topic that is not investigated too much in the current publishing environment and constitutes both a descriptive catalogue of an exhibition/artistic operation and an indipendent essay well illustrated on the main topic.

The beginning of the project was an e-mail sent by Juan Sandoval to the invited artists that said:

Dear Artist, next 5th of November during 2015 Artissima Art Fair in Turin I will open my apartment / studio to the public. I’m inviting thirteen artists to take part in the project “I will work for you for one hour, but someone else should pay for it” and I would like you to take part in it.
The project consists in the realization of an artwork, created by you and realized by me. The realization of your work has to be done (by me) within one hour. I will realize your project myself, employing all the resources available in my studio. You are free to choose the medium or technique you prefer. I will invest a maximum of 10 euros in materials. All the artworks will be available for selling and their cost will be calculated on the basis of the cost of one hour of your time plus the cost of one hour of my time plus the cost of the materials. The total amount of the purchase of the artwork will be divided 50 - 50 %. Please, let me know if you would like to take part, and if you have questions.


I will work for you for one hour, but someone else should pay for it

Catalogue of the exhibition I will work for you for one hour, but someone else should pay for it
A project by Juan Sandoval
5 November 2015, Torino, via Cavour 14

ISBN 978-88-97753-26-1

12,3 x 17 cm
paperback, softcover
144 pp - b/n, colors
tiratura 400 copies
italiano / english

Price: 15,00 €


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