What we do Mostra 2016

Homeworks va in gita

Samuele Menin

Simone Berti / Sergio Breviario / Jacopo Candotti / Mirko Canesi / Guendalina Cerrutti / T-Yong Chung / Ornaghi e Prestinari / Alberto Scodro / Jonathan Vivacqua

Luisa Miriam Ferrario e di Giulia Ratti

22.03.2016 — 03.05.2016

Homeworks is a cycle of appointments in which the invited artists faced some of the characteristics that define a work of art: material, color, dimensions, reproduction, spectator, etc. ... creating for each event a work inherent to the task assigned to it . However, as every class worthy of its name, it’s time now for the students/artists of Homeworks to have a little trip after the long winter and all the strenuous lessons in Corso Monforte 36, and what better place than Careof's spaces to move and have fun?!
Normal classes and normal schools usually go on trips to all the famous art cities like Venice, Rome, Florence, visiting all the galleries, churches, museums etc.. but, since we are a different class than the rest, we have decided that each of our students will have to take their own monument from their own house! And who knows, some of them can create a new postcard landmark... like the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Michelangelo’s David..
who knows.. we are waiting for you to find out with us!