Kunstraum Walcheturm di Zurigo


The project is born thanks to the program of exchange Viavai – Contrabbando culturale
Svizzera-Lombardia and it's supported by Fondazione svizzera for the culture Pro Helvetia.

Transmedia is a project realized by Kunstraum Walcheturm of Zurigo and Careof. It will be open and displayed at Careof's spaces.

Friday 20 February: Introduction, screening e talk with Yves Netzhammer

In the elaboration of a possible vocabulary for his film and video-installation works, Yves Netzhammer tries, first through the drawing medium, to find translatable forms for his visual imagery. I palcoscenici mentali (Konrad Tobler) which we can find in his works are nothing else than the continuation of drawings and signs through the use of other tools. In the collection of ancient american art at the Museum Rietberg, Netzhammer had set up his mental stage of signs establishing a subjective dialogue between objects and ancient artifacts by the museum and his own shiny and poetic imagery.
From this video-installation composed by 36 projections and a series of objects, the film version of the Die Gegenwart sucht ihren Mund in der Spiegelung der Suppe was born, presented as world premiere in Careof's spaces, in the context of Transmedia project. The artist will also introduce his works and will talk with the public after the screening.

Saturday 21 February: Screening Swiss Videoartists / performance di Veli & Amos

Beyond the ordinary: in the selection proposed by Kunstraum Walcheturm and hosted by Careof in the venue of Fabbrica del Vapore – all recent video productions of the new young generation of swiss artists – emerges, in a variety of themes and scenarios, the common trait of a fatal attraction for the unusual, for disorder, irregularity, madness. In one word: an anti-system.
The subjects represented appear as a projection of a reaction to the ordered and regulated context in which swiss artists are working and living. A set of conversations and rigid structures from which to escape, moving into opposite imagery, in the subversion of the rules and in the deconstruction of the given orders. On one hand we have the fascination with the “outside” contexts, positioning ourselves on the limit, at the edge of the loss of the inner self; on the other we have an explicit criticism of a system that cages individuals in the absolute certainty of the norm and normality.
The distortion of social control feeds this necessity to be free from these cages, creating other realities or finding parallele ones, in which we can break the order and the ordinary.

Benny Jaberg, The Green Serpent - of vodka, men and distilled dreams, still da video, 2013

Then, the performance life is a beach, sun doesn’t set of the zurich duo Veli & Amos, who is working following the principle of continuos creation, in every enviroment available and in every moment.
The two artists exploit the potential hidden into everyday life, coincidences, limitations, sociological and political conditions. Transforming in images their own experience of the world synthesising them in declarations that represent their point of view on society. They do it without commenting, without criticizing, without any moralism. They simply create “paints” or, to put it better, they “share their vision” with people.


Yves Netzhammer, born in Switzerland in 1970, since 1997 begins to realize video-installations, objects and drawings that fascinate with body charisma and formal clarity. The playful combination of elements apparently irreconcilable with each other leads the viewer to the obscure side of the existence: pleasant elements collide with the most disturbing ones, death and life merge together in never before seen creatures, scenarios represented go to the microscopic scale to the gigantism.

Main solo exhibition: MONA, Tasmania (2013), K11 Art Space, Shanghai, (2013), Minsheng Art Museum Shanghai (2011), Kunstmuseum Bern (2010), Palazzo Strozzi (2009), SFMOMA, San Francisco (2008), Biennale di Venezia (2007), Karlskirche Kassel (documenta 12, 2007), Kunsthalle Bremen (2005).


Yves Netzhammer, Patrick Huber, Veli & Amos

20.02 > 21.02.2015

In collaboration with: Kunstraum walcheturm di Zurigo
Transmedia is born in collaboration with the Kunstraum Walcheturm di Zurigo in the context of the exchanging program Viavai - Contrabbando culturale Svizzera/ Lombardia promoted by Fondazione svizzera for the culture Pro Helvetia.
The project involves the realization of a series of events developed in parallel with Zurigo and Milan.
In the first weekend of Transmedia Careof hosts a double day dedicated to multimedial production of swiss artists.