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Strategie del rumore. Interferenze tra arte, filosofia e underground

Claudio Chianura editor
Vincenzo Santarcangelo philosopher

h 6.30pm

Strategie del Rumore. Interferenze tra arte, filosofia e underground by Martina Raponi, examines the noise from different points of listening. The book, published last July by Auditorium, will be presented by the author together with editor Claudio Chianura and philosopher Vincenzo Santarcangelo.

If on one hand the italian bruitisme can allow a comparison with the japanese experiences dating back to the eighties, on the other the comparison with these indipendent practices, with cases taken by the western history of art, opens a consideration about the Noise from a philosophical point of view.
The essence of noise is scrutinized and analyzed as much as possible, searching for an answer.
During the presentation the author will show some of the video documentation produced in her researching times, together with audio tracks and video rumoristic practices, homegrown and foreign.

The book will be on sale in our Careof bookshop, a place dedicated to art and artist book publishing that collects and presents selected titles from the italian and international panorama.

Strategie del Rumore. Interferenze tra arte, filosofia e underground will be also presented on 3 November 2015 at Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and at the 4/quarti social Bar in Bologna. On 5 November will be presented at Bookique in Trento also.


Martina Raponi is a writer and researcher living in Amsterdam. Her first book, Strategie del Rumore. Interferenze tra arte, filosofia e underground (Milano, Auditorium Ed., 2015) collects the results of her first research about Noise.
Her recent projcets in the artistic and musical field include B-Prod and Csepel Industrial Music Label.

Vincenzo Santarcangelo is a research doctorate in philosophy and a member of the research group of LabOnt University of Turin. He was a PhD student at the Cognition Institute of Plymouth University. He held aesthetic courses at Genoa University, Castello di Rivoli Contemporary Art Museum (Rivoli) and MADRE DonnaRegina Contemporary Art Museum (Naples). He wrote for La Lettura of Corriere della Sera and Artribune, in which he writes for “Octave Chronics” and “Dialoghi di Estetica” headings. He also devised the musical review “Dal Segno al Suono” at MUSMA Contemporary Sculpture Museum in Matera, successfully arrived at its fifth edition.