Exposed Project @ Forma Meravigli

Workshop and exhibition about the transformation of the city
Forma Meravigli, Milano

24.06.2015 — 20.09.2015

As a place of permanent reflection about identity and about the transformation of Milan, able to give space to the most recent artistic research that has seen photography as major protagonist, Forma Meravigli, an initiative of Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia in collaboration with Camera di Commercio di Milano and Contrasto, presents Exposed Project.
Throughout the summer of 2015, the exhibition halls will turn into a dynamic observatory on the city, able to capture new looks on the territory and give back, in real time, all the cultural and social changes that characterize Milan and its outskirts in conjunction with the EXPO.

Giuseppe Fanizza, Andrea Kunkl, Area-expo nel novembre 2011

Exposed Project is a work of research started in Milan in 2011 from the shared need of a group of photographers, artists, videomakers and researchers: witness the urban, social and economic transformations that have taken place in Milan during a great event such as the Expo 2015.
It was thus constituted an international network characterized by an open, critical, multidisciplinary and inclusive approach, that has investigated a constantly evolving territory sharing the results – through a platform of images, videos and multimedial content – with the community.
The web and social networks have been a natural choice as a delivery mean of the project. The Exposed Project website is the clear manifesation of a collective work in progressive growth and of the different researches carried on by a group of authors.
From June 24th to September 20th 2015, Forma Meravigli will host six projects realized by Exposed Project and a dense program of over 15 meetings, external events, presentations and debates that confirm the vocation to dialogue and to research of the new space in Via Meravigli. The set-up will consist in a sort of permanent laboratory, open to different disciplines and animated by the public which will be called upon to interact and share their own experience through workshops and performances.

Giuseppe Fanizza, Critical bike no-expo, 2015

The project is realized in collaboration with Careof together with FDV Residency Program, which since 2013 has supported the development of the research laboratory and has shared its planning trough talks, workshops and exhibition projects.
The exhibition will end with another exhibition by the Master in Photography and Visual Design students by Forma and NABA, which will present the works on the Expo theme realized in summer 2015 and enriched by the comparison, among others, with Exposed.

Projects on show: Archivio; On the spot; Pak Map; Baranzà; Sinfonie Urbane; FXPO


Exposed is a project of:
Eleonora Angiolini
Fatima Bianchi
Giuseppe Fanizza
Andrea Kunkl
Allegra Martin
Giulia Ticozzi
Fabrizio Vatieri

Exposed is a choral project that since 2012 has seen collaborations with:
Francesco Paolo Addati, Dario Agazzi, Valentina Anzoise, Chiara Badiali, Lluc Baños, Fabrizio Bellomo, Alessia Bernardini, Gianluca Brezza, Alessandro Calabrese, Lorenzo Casali, Matteo Casari, Leone Contini, Mattia Delladda, Giuseppe De Mattia, Jade Doskow, Irene Dionisio, Enece Film, Federico Evangelista, Luca Ferri, Valentina Finzi, Valentina Ghiringhelli, IraC, J-Lo, Perrine LamyQuique, Laura Lecce, Martino Lombezzi, Michele Miele, Filippo Minelli, Cristiano Mutti, Nastynasty, Lorenzo Natali, JeanSébastien Nouveau, Nicola Nunziata, Thomas Pagani, Giorgio Partesana, Matteo Pasin, Nico Pasquini, Thomas Pololi, Serena Porrati, Daniele Portanome, Anna Positano, Nadia Pugliese, Nuvola Ravera, Anna Teresa Ronchi, Sissi Roselli, Luca Rotondo, Micol Roubini, Alessandro Sambini, Matteo Sandrini, Mirko Smerdel, Ilaria Speri, The Cool Couple, Giulia Vallicelli, Pep Vidal, Wu Ming, Tommaso Zanetta.


More than 30 works, by different authors, make up the Exposed Archive, collected since the group’s foundation.
A growing container based on the common gaze of photographers, videomakers and writers on the great processes of change, in a dialogue about the city that opens up to different places and suggestions.
The exhibition will present a selection of images and projects from the archive.


Periodic field surveys carried out by different authors on the area that has hosted Expo, represent a sort of backbone of the project.
On the spot, a research started in 2011 and destined to end with the end of Expo 2015, constitutes a visual timeline of the transformation of the territory that tells the passage from the coutryside to today’s pavilions in 5 years of great work. A flexible set-up will allow space for the most recents contributions in the exhibition.


Pak Map is an ongoing project born by the experimental relation between scientific research and artistic practice.
One interdisciplinary tool in which art, social research and technology are constantly dialoguing in order to bring out visions and perceptions of the communities that are living in different territories affected by Expo 2015, in a time span from before the opening until after its end.
In the Forma Meravigli space the public will be albe to be an active participant in the research, contributing with different investigation techniques such as interviews, mental maps, soliloquy, photostimulus.
By Andrea Kunkl, Cristiano Mutti, Lorenzo Natali e Valetina Anzoise.
Curated by Exposed Project


In 2012 Mr. Angelo Chen takes ownership of a bar in via Monte Bisibino, Baranzate, next to the construction site of the Universa Exhibition, and calls it Bar Expo 2015.
Baranzà is a multimedial installation that revolves around this place, both physically and metaphorically, which becomes a symbol of the relation between territory, feed and economy. The installation is composed of a series of photographs, a web station for accessing the Feeding Baranzate website by Laura Lecce and a drawing station where visitors can draw their own version of the Expo logo, following a video tutorial by the owner of Bar Expo 2015.

A project by Fabrizio Vatieri.


10 pairs of artists from all over Italy gather in Milan to interprete, through a combination of sound and video, the quickly changing image of the city.
Starting from the suggestion of the 20s and 30s Urban Symphonies, from which a natural idea of progress emerges, ten contemporary works reflect on the perception of the city in light of the new Universal Exhibition.
The project, curated by Fatima Bianchi, Giuseppe Fanizza ed Exposed Project, was produced between 2013 and 2014 in collaboration with Filmmaker, O’ Artoteca e Careof.

21st, 22nd e 23rd of July: Sinfonie Urbane Live, the ten works will be introduced by their authors, three of which will perform live.


A sonic installation that will fill the exhibition halls, an audiodoc product of an international networking project between artists and curators, to spark reflection and interference on the institutional and corporate communication strategies linked to the distribution and consumption of food products.
In September, a workshop will open the project to the public and to the artistic community of Milan.
Fxpo's network is open to online contributions from international artists and curators for the entire duration of Expo 2015 (

FXPO is a project curated by Anna Bromley, Giuseppe Fanizza, Michael Fesca and Exposed Project.


The exhibition has been created on collaboration with Careof and with the Master in Photography and Visual Design organised by Forma e NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano.
Forma Meravigli is an initiative by Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia in collaboration with Camera di Commercio di Milano e Contrasto.

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