Passion, expertise, research, responsibility, internationalism and creativity guide our practice.

Thanks to the prestige earned in nearly 30 years of experience in the contemporary art field, Careof develops project, exhibitions and events in line with specific companies’ mission and needs.


Since 2011 we have worked with companies such as Sky Italia, Crédit Agricole, Studio Avvocati Cocuzza, Il Sole 24 ore, AIIC International Association of Conference Interpreters, Eni, Campeggi, Rotary Club Milano Villoresi.

We offer direct contact with young and already well-known artists and can organise:

• Exhibitions at the companies’ headquarters
• The production of works of art in line with the company’s ideals
• Workshops led by artists for employees, clients and vendors
• The installation of artworks and artists’ muItiples at the company
• Events within our spaces and using our resources

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To get to know us
If you’d like to get to know us and take part in a new experience you could sign up to one of the projects aimed at putting in contact professionals from every sector with the contemporary art world.

A glass half full
It consists of a series of dinners during which selected artists present their research to the guests (booking is required). During the evening you will have the chance to have a meal with the artist within our spaces, ask them anything about their work and buy their exhibited work.

For further information or to book a place for the next dinner, e-mail Lia Manzella