One of Careof’s main activities is the filing, preservation and promotion of contemporary art material. In fact the archive also includes catalogues, specialised magazines, artists’ portfolio and photographs in all sorts of formats. The collection is an important resource to understand the development of contemporary art research over the past 40 years and specifically in Italy.
Careof has decided to make the archive perform, so we can spark a reflection that doesn’t only contemplate history, but it allows it to re-live, be modernized, enriched and expanded.
All of the material can be viewed at DOCVA - Documentation Centre for Visual Arts, where Careof’s and Viafarini’s collections are brought together.
If you’d like to make an appointment to visit the library and the video archive contact us quoting the material you’d like to view.

If you’d like to start a co-working project at DOCVA fill in this form.

The video archive includes over 7.000 pieces and is the most important collection of videoart in Italy.
The catalogue holds over 6.000 artworks, from the first experiments made in the 70s to work by the latest generations, and about 1.000 videos documenting exhibitions, conferences, performances and art events of international relevance.

You can add your work to the video archive o suggest a project, find out how.

Updates on this website soon!

To view the catalogue visit bibliobit. To visit the archive contact us quoting the material you’d like to view.

The library holds about 13.000 books, including monographs, catalogues, essays, artist’s books, visual arts magazines ranging from the post-war period to today’s publications.
The library grows thanks to private and public donations. If you’d like to donate a book as well contact us!

DOCVA also includes Viafarini’s book collection (write at and Fondo Giovanni Quadrio Curzio’s (write at or

To view the book catalogue visit bibliobit

Vuoi consultare i materiali?

Tutto il materiale è consultabile presso il DOCVA - Documentation Centre for Visual Arts, luogo dove sono riunite le collezioni di Careof e Viafarini.

Puoi verificare ciò che è conservato in archivio consultando le sezioni Archivio Video e Archivio Libri, quindi scrivi a indicando la lista dei materiali che desideri visionare.

Non è possibile prendere in prestito i materiali, ma puoi studiare al DOCVA su appuntamento ogni volta che lo desideri .