Video Archive

The video archive includes over 7.000 pieces and is the most important collection of videoart in Italy. The catalogue holds over 6.000 artworks, from the first experiments made in the 70s to work by the latest generations, and about 1.000 videos documenting exhibitions, conferences, performances and art events of international relevance.
One of Careof’s main activities is the filing, preservation and promotion of contemporary art material. In fact the archive also includes catalogues, specialised magazines, artists’ portfolio and photographs in all sorts of formats. The collection is an important resource to understand the development of contemporary art research over the past 40 years and specifically in Italy.
Careof has decided to make the archive perform, so we can spark a reflection that doesn’t only contemplate history, but it allows it to re-live, be modernized, enriched and expanded. Through the video archive we develop exhibitions, residency and research projects.

The archive became more and more significant over time thanks to the donation of whole filmographies from the 70s, which include: Ugo La Pietra, Umberto Bignardi, Franco Vaccari, Gianfranco Baruchello, Alberto Grifi, Paolo Gioli; alongside these there are equally relevant pieces of experimental cinema, for example the Cavallino di Venezia or the milanese scene from the 70s, among the others: Vincenzo Agnetti, Claudio Ambrosini, Valeria Borsari, Fabio Mauri, Fabrizio Plessi, Michele Sambin, Guido Sartorelli.

There are over 1.000 documentation videos which include exhibitions, conferences, performances and art events of international relevance: for example Venice, Berlin, Avana, Manifesta Biennials, Documenta in Kassel, Skulptur Projekte in Münster and several exhibitions at some of the most important national and international museums, which also include interviews with the main artists, critics and curators who took part.

Photo Archive

Careof Photo Archive is partly composed by the images taken by his founder, Mario Gorni and in part by other authors and subjects who have donated, over the years, their documentation to Careof.
It represents an important cross-section of the artistic history mainly in Lombardy and Italy, which testified artistic figures and attitudes from black and white photographs to color, from old film to the digital ones.
The collection consists of different formats and has been entirely catalogued and digitized; it can also be consulted at the Careof office.

Original Materials:
120mm films
1.430 shots – Negative b/w
20 shots – Negative color
976 shots – Slides containers
135mm films
10.448 shots – Negative b/w
4.150 shots – Slides containers

Books Archive

Careof Library preserves at the DOCVA (Documentation Center of Visual Art), the new venue of Viafarini, over 13.000 volumes including monographs, catalogues, essays, artist books and periodicals on the visual arts from the post-war period to today.
The fund has grown also thanks to private donations, museums and cultural institutions that have contributed to the development of this important collective heritage.
The most recent acquisition comes from the collection of Spazio Oberdan in Milan.
Also, in addition to the Careof books and magazines, the DOCVA is also home for the heritage of Viafarini and other companies of Fabbrica del Vapore, such as Invideo, Polifemo and Show Biz.

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