curated by Michela Pelizzari e Federica Sala
12.04 > 28.04.2012

The contemporary art organization Careof, located in the Fabbrica del Vapore – on the occasion of the 51st
Salone Internazionale del Mobile, in the framework Posti di Vista RI-CREAZIONE – presents UNCOVERED 2012 - Qualities, a project curated by Michela Pelizzari and Federica Sala.

What are the characteristics that give an object “quality design” status”? Durability, accessibility, functions, evironmental impact, innovation, the capacity to arouse an emotional response? These are some of the questions behind the work of six designers presented at UNCOVERED 2012 - Qualities.

Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen, Elisa Honkanen, Elia Mangia, Simone Simonelli, Peter Johansen, some already gathered in the project UNCOVERED – Design in Detail presented at the 49th edition of Salone del Mobile 2010, now show a series of new products that aim to redefine the idea of design quality UNCOVERED 2012 – Qualities projets: Depping and Jørgensen presents Table, a project that works with the dynamics of the lines in the table to which has been removed a part of the leg that is not necessary for the structure's equilibrium.
With Book Shelf Line Depping designs a wall hanged bookshelf, that is made of an anodized aluminum plate that is folded around 4 plates of ash wood. Also Jakob Jørgensen presents a bookshelf - Knock Down Bookcase - a project where the basic idea is a simple wedge.

Peter Johansen works on two series of tables: Campfire produced in three exemplars, plays around with the basic forms the square, the circle, and the triangle; while Here you go concept is based on sheet metal all made of 90 degree bends.

Purist – Chair, Elisa Honkanen’s project, is the result of an experimentation with gravity which combines the simplicity of the shape with the amount of the elements. If with Cut – Mirror Elisa Honkanen does a research of quality from classic materials and proportions where the mirrored glass on the oak frame respects the proportions of the golden ratio, with Papercut – Lamp researches quality from impermanence.

Elia Mangia’s Critter is a freestanding worktop that gets inspiration from a primus stove kitchen, prefiguring new domestic scenarios. Elia Mangia also presents the Peacock mirror-lampshade.

Simone Simonelli presents Maisonette, a collection of furniture that meets the contemporary need of sharing functions in the "microliving spaces", where the need to contain and often inhabit the same living spaces. It is a 3 pieces set: a stand / miniwardrobe, a cart / table, and a basket /tray.


with the support of Comune di Milano and Fondazione Cariplo