01.03.2012 > 01.03.2014

March 1, 2012 starts the collaboration between the Museo del Novecento and DOCVA - Documentation Center for Visual Arts, organized by Careof and Viafarini, which has its headquarters at the Steam Factory in via Procaccini.

In a room of the Museum Archives are housed a computer terminal and a VideoJukebox to access an overview of Italian art in recent decades, through a selection of materials, documents and works, video - documentation of international exhibitions, performances and interviews with artists and curators from by DOCVA and stored in its archives.

The DOCVA offers:
- 25,000 books on the visual arts in the twentieth century cataloged Bibliobit
- 6,000 works by artists including videos and videos from the archive videodocumentazioni
- 16,000 images of works by 3,600 artists represented in the Archive Portfolio and in-depth monographic ItalianArea
- 3,000 study and work opportunities for artists, students and practitioners in BancadatiArtBox
- To view the file DOCVA and the Museum of the twentieth century to address the research of young artists
- Educational activities