curated by Cantiere per pratiche non-affermative
17.04 > 22.04.2012

The contemporary art organization Careof, located in the Fabbrica del Vapore – on the occasion of the 51st Salone Internazionale del Mobile, in the framework Posti di Vista RI-CREAZIONE – presents Cantieroteca’ - Archivio del Cantiere, a project by Construction site for non-affirmative practice, a point of reference and connection for collective research around alternative criteria for practicing design.

‘Cantieroteca’ is a physical place that for its first year of operation is based at Careof, at Fabbrica del Vapore.

On the occasion of its opening, during this year's Salone del Mobile, ‘Cantieroteca’ gives special emphasis to the section dedicated to self-published materials, inviting professionals and the public to contribute actively to the growth of the Archives and in the debate on the role and working conditions of the designer. From April 17th to 22nd data and testimonies will be collected through a questionnaire and video interviews conducted in various parts of the Salone.

"We are a group of young Italian designers who met in the fall of 2011 in Milan, as part of a residency project at Careof. Since then, together we strive to ask questions, investigate and experiment support structures for design practices with a critical approach. As designers, we are deeply involved in the production of objects, but also relationships, processes, languages ??and collective imaginary. We consider important to ask ourselves what kind of society we want to contribute to with our work, which position we cover in the current economy and how we can challenge this position. ‘Cantieroteca’ is the place - virtual and physical - where we carry out this research, according to course of action tested now and again. ‘Cantieroteca’ is also the place where we take care of our becoming a collective. We are open to various forms of collaboration and to those who are interested in participating."

Construction site for non-affirmative practice is: AUT, a product and communication designers collective; Brave New Alps, a collective that deals with social and political issues to change communication design with research and educational activities; Stefano Capodieci, illustrator and graphic designer who faces through infographics and maps the relationships between environment, technology and health; Isacco Chiaf combines computer graphics and performance, now finances itself with self-subversive marketing; Francesca Coluzzi, designer who works in on visual culture through methods of collective research; Caterina Giuliani, illustrator and graphic designer interested in criticism on visual communication; Manuel Guadagnini works in visual communication and his practice is focuses on social phenomena; Giovanna Zanghellini, designer of objects that incorporate social and political narratives.


with the support of Comune di Milano and Fondazione Cariplo