Residency projects for creative artists at the Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan

in collaboration with the Milan City Council and FDVLab
organized by Careof

The FDV Residency Program for creative artists at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan is a joint project developed by the Milan City Council’s Department of Recreation and FDVLAB. It is organized by Careof, a not-for-profit member of FDVLAB.

The FDV Residency Programme has an interdisciplinary nature.

Professional figures from various cultural sectors – the visual arts, design, architecture, photography, music, performance, dance – are offered a studio in Milan for an extended period (3-6 months), with all the necessary facilities for an effective period of professional and personal growth.

Promoting projects of exchange and mobility, the program is intended to be focus for a study and research capable of attracting creative figures from all over the world. An antenna picking up on excellence, it places creative talent within a dialogue with a territory with enormous potential and restores to the city an international vision through reflections, action, thoughts, publications and projects. It presents itself as a permanent source of comparison for the Milanese public.

Thanks to the development of specific joint ventures with other subjects, public bodies, companies and cultural partners, for the artists invited to participate this represents an important stage in their personal development path.


  • to enhance creative intelligence
  • to increment high quality production
  • to rethink a dialogue with the territory
  • to create international connections
  • to create a dialogue between creativity and business


The residency is housed on the second floor of the Palazzina Liberty and consists of six studies (of between 10 and 29 m2), 2 spacious communal areas (36 and 44 m2), a kitchen (18.5 m2) a meeting room (15 m2) and four workshops (40 m2).

The context

The Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan represents an important example of industrial reclamation conducted at the behest of the Milan City Council. In 1899, the area in fact saw the birth of the company Carminati, Toselli & C., known for its construction, repair and sale of railway and tram stock.

The Fabbrica del Vapore is animated by 14 workshops that won the international competition staged by the Milan City Council and work to promote culture in all its various forms: dance, music, theatre, visual arts, photography, fashion, design, architecture, film and television. Located in a setting unique in terms of its plurality of voices and facets, the residency represents a focus for a lively exchange of ideas and skills among the guests, the Fabbrica del Vapore workshops and the city.

What is offered

  • single room with bathroom. Shared kitchen, day area and working area. Workshop on request.
  • the assistance of a curator during the residency
  • the organization of meetings – presentations and open studios
  • access to DOCVA, the Visual Arts Documentation Centre
  • to be evaluated on the basis of the need to use technical equipment such as video cameras, projectors and editing tools

Selection criteria

  • recognition in the form of exhibitions, projects and activities with an international breadth
  • projects through specific competition calls or spontaneous candidacies
  • the degree of involvement of the Milanese public and territory
  • capacity for working independently and in groups
  • compatibility of the work with the residency and the Careof mission
  • innovation and experimentation

Collaborations and sponsors

FDV Residency Programs is a project developed in collaboration with the principal local and foreign institutions, the foreign cultural institutes in Milan and in Italy and associated with the principal international networks of artistic organisations. The residency programmes are financed by public bodies, Italian and international institutions and companies.


with the contribution of the Fondazione Cariplo

in collaboration with the Milan City Council and FDVLab

technical sponsor: Ikea Italia retail S.r.l. responsible for furnishing the residency spaces



single room shared kitchen double room shared day area shared day area